Sucker Free Countdown(MTV2)

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Nov 6, 2005
I'm a little late, and as most of you that have any of the Tech N9ne media outlets added probably already know. Tech was the featured artist of MTV2's Sucker Free Countdown.

I was actually surprised that the entire episode (2 hours long) was dedicated almost solely to him. Besides the videos (obviously) and a small feature on Big Sean it was pretty much solely about Tech.

There wasnt a whole lot of new info (if any) besides little trivial things like him showing the drawer of tapes from EVERY show, and mentioning that he had people from VIBE and hiphopdx also doing something that week... Still though, was kinda weird seeing them focusing so heavily on him. I'm used to seeing small blurbs here and there about Tech being on some mainstream show for 2 minutes, or someone seeing a commercial spot for a Strange release at 3 in the morning, but this was kinda interesting to see.

Which leads me to an after thought I had.

Why the sudden exposure? I could say its just been building but Tech has been on that "edge" for years now, so why the sudden interest in him by these bigger networks. Can a Lil Wayne/T Pain feature really be the main reason this is all happening now? Shit, he was making moves that deserved this type of attention 4 or 5 years ago, whats so different?

Anyway, Props to Strange on the exposure. It really is nice to see everyone looking.
Jul 6, 2002
Sweet, if someone can DVR that shit and up it that'd be thread of the year. I think the exposure is all in the numbers, and consistancy. Tech's album debuted so high on the billboard charts that they just have to recognize! You know.


Sicc OG
Jun 16, 2004
You have to remember too though that MTV has been slowly doing more and more with him since his "big break" on MTVu a few years back. We've seen the editing room with all the footage before though. I think it was the YoungFyre tour of Strange, or maybe Axis?
Jul 14, 2004
That was nice show! Surprised me as well that the whole shown was on Tech.. Badass.. I haven't seen the SM head quarters. Only thing I thought is that they should had shown more of his Shows and how explosive they are. I got it dvr'd. Not sure how to upload from dvr.

May 7, 2008
Its only a matter of time when we are in the cd store and some 11yr old girl and me godda fight to get that last new tech cd lol