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    IronLungs on the news!!

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    The Fall

    Ive heard nothing but good things about this movie. Directed by the same guy that did "The Cell". Has anyone seen it? iO0LYcCoeJY
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    Supreme Beings of Leisure

    Yup..I been bumpin them for a minute. Dont got the new album yet but Im lovin the track "Swallow". You should also check out Morcheeba..they're on a similar vibe.
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    Dub (reggae)

    10ft Ganja Plant
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    Kwame Harris and Barry Sims

    If theres one thing Niners and Raider fans can agree with its both these guys are pure trash. Sims got absolutley owned by Charles Grant, made him look like a perennial pro-bowler and Harris wasn't much better with his penalties and sack allowed which led to a turnover which led to a SD...
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    The Meters has alot of good rare funk/soul that people upload. you need real player though to listen. I do all my research through and Ive found a grip of good old school music through there.
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    The Meters

    Anyone else here dig The Meters? Perfect grooves to chill or cruise around to on a sunny day. They were a big influence on hip hop too.
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    The Shotgun Wedding Quintet

    Anyone else heard of these guys?...I need to get my hands on their cd They're a live hip hop/jazz band from the bay area doin some funky ass shit, by far some of the best stuff Ive heard in awhile. The vocalist doesn't look like he would be a rapper at all by looking at him...
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    I think Im addicted...

    to Marie Calender's frozen chicken pot pies....mmmmmm:lick:
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    Fusion / Jazz

    If you like funk jazz check out Bobby Sparks..Dude needs to release an album
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    Phil Wellman

    Who seen this dude go bonkers? LOL I was rollin when he started crawlin on the ground and threw the rosin bag at the umpire like a grenade.
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    What WR has been worth the #1 overall pick?

    In NFL history..CJ supporters please answer this for me.. I cant think of any WR that has been drafted #1 overall the last 20 years that has been worth it..which leads me to my next question.. Why are so many Raider fans so hyped to draft Johnson with the 1st pick...I dont care how much...
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    Classic westcoast SHHLUMP

    Bringin back the quality MUSIC in rap..dont sleep
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    Bobby Sparks

    What yall know about Bobby Sparks? He's a keyboard/organ player, producer, engineer etc. Plays with alot of Jazz artists. Peep his myspace..he got some FUNKY shit
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    Where my Jazz fans at?

    About 80-90% of the time Im listening to jazz nowadays..aslong as its funky. Herbie Hancock The Headhunters Lonnie Liston Smith Marcus Miller Ramsey Lewis Grover Washington JR Roy Ayers Obiquity Stanley Clarke etc etc etc All the OG funksta's that someway influenced alot of music we listen to...