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    TRAE The Truth Official Thread

    I have always wanted to hear Tech and Mystikal on a song together. This was not what I was hoping for.
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    Tech N9ne GOTJ 2011 Full set

    Not sure if anyone wants to check this out or not but thought I would share it anyways
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    Tech N9ne Ego Trippin - Bad Season Dope shit
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    KOD Canadian Tour?

    I just saw some shit on Facebook with a list of dates and cities for a Canadian tour. No idea if this is official or not so don't get your hopes up. I remember during the Fire and Ice tour a local club promoted and sold tickets for a Tech show that was clearly never going to happen. Glad I...
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    Leave me alone shirt and a 9 shirt but not button up are up in the strage store
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    Looking for Strictly Strange photo

    Can anyone hook me up with the original photo used for the dvd cover without any graphic on it?
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    Behind The Scenes of Mr. Pig Face Weapon Waist Video Shoot Tech is in this video clip and Slaughterhouse talks about an old lady rapping to Tech N9ne.
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    New shirts @ Strange online store
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    july 22 Rapid City

    Just want to see if any one on here will be going to the show in Rapid City. I will be going down there from SK Canada and am looking for people to party with.
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    Can the Source Take That #1 spot again???

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    Best Song from back in tha day???

    Digital Underground-Humpty Dance Public Enemy-Shut em Down NWA-She swallowed it and Just don't bite it Spice-1-Trigga gots no heart DAS EFX-They want EFX REDMAN-Time 4 sum aksion
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    Soulja Slim

    I just heard from someone that slim was murdered. Is that tru? Any1 else hear this?
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    RIP Stu Hart

    10/16/2003 Stewart Edward Hart, better known to Canadians and wrestling fans around the world as Stu Hart, passed away at at Rockyview General Hospital on Thursday from complications due to diabetes and pneumonia. He was 88 years old. Hart had been admitted to the hospital on Oct. 3 for...
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    7 Years later

    R.I.P. 2pac Tonight it's beer and Pac. Take a moment and remember one of the most gifted mc's to ever bless the mic as well as the world.
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    Do or Die albums

    Picture This is tight. Po Pimp and 6 million ways to die are my favorites