X-Raided Speaks On Psycho Active 2

Susanville, CA:

“We’ve been working on Psycho Active 2 for most of the year. I wasn’t interested in working on an album at first. I was dealing with some legal issues from 2012 and kind of just needed some time to breathe once that was dealth with. Filthy Rich got at me in early 2013. He was ready to go. I was concentrating on my manuscript but I sent him a song to work on. Then another, and another. It was comin’ out raw. I talked to G-Macc, Lynch, and C-Bo. They said they had my back. I told Rich, ‘Fuck it, we’re doing Psycho Active 2.’ He was like, ‘Hell yeah!’

“We did a bunch of solo tracks. RBC responded to the prospect positively. That pretty much did it. We got crackin’. It took about five months to finish the project. We got verses from the homies. Niggas came through for me. We did a track called Reason of the Siccness with Brotha Lynch Hung and C-Bo. The album has 15 tracks. 18 on the deluxe. 90% of them are solos.

“I got that siccness right now. These are the most savage, gangsta songs I’ve written since Psycho Active and Xorcist. 99.9% of the album is that wicked shit the fans have been asking for. This is that Everybody Killa, Witta Mask On shit. That Liquor, Niggas & Triggas shit. We killin’ everybody.

“The album was mixed by Rob Rebeck at Champan out in KC. He’s been working with Tech N9ne and Lynch. I feel like he’s the best right now. I needed that. We got it mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner at Bernie Grundman. He did Good Kid, Mad City for Kendrick. He’s the best in the game hands down. The album’s going to be crispy.

“We’ll drop in the 1st quarter of 2014. Probably February or March depending on RBC and eOne’s schedule. We’ll drop a mixtape before the end of the year. I got Twisted Insane and C-Dubb and a few surprises on the mixtape so far. We’re shooting videos too. This is the real deal. Shout out to Filthy Rich. Shout out to No Face. Bloc Star comin’.”

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