Vic Hampton Premieres “All Kinds” Music Video from Debut EP “Two Tone”

Vic Hampton is an artist from San Francisco, CA. For the last year, His Brother (who’s also serves as his producer and engineer.) The Bay Area area rapper has been dedicated to working on his first project. His life has had a great deal of up’s and down’s. Like many he grew up poor, living in public housing, and says he is still there. His complete motivation in life has been solely about making the proper money to get out. 
As I’m living day to day I’m thinking about how life has to be more than just money. That’s when my project takes a shift, into the direction of life being more than monetary gain. That’s why I named this project Two Tone, it’s two sides of my life right now. “All Kinds” is the second single, and visual from the project. “All Kinds” is pertaining to the idea that money is everything and people will do whatever they need to, to get it. In this song I am explaining how a lack of means can drive someone to gain profit illegally because of how easy and quick it may be to benefit them.  Out of all my work so far this has to be one of my most prized possessions.  It would be greatly appreciated to have your support. – Vic Hampton
Vic Hampton “All Kinds” (Music Video)

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