Tyga Announces New Release Date for ‘The Gold Album’

Tyga’s bumpy road toward the release of his long-gestating The Gold Album is finally coming to a close. Maybe.

He’s announced the release date, and its only a month away: Jan. 27, to be precise.

Of course, that’s after the most recent release date of Dec. 23 was glossed over without nary a sound of new music.

This announcement comes after the rapper aired a series of frustrations with his Young Money/Cash Money label, claiming they were holding up the release of his album.

“Gold album been done. my label holding me hostage so i can’t release nothing. might just leak it for my fans then let them make $ off it,” he tweeted a few weeks ago.

He was hoping to get out of his contract, and it looks like he succeeded in doing so. The Gold Album will be released independently—head over to Tyga’s merchandise site to pre-order.

You can also check out the recently shared album art, created by Kanye’s design team DONDA. Reportedly, the image was constructed from real gold.

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