Ty Farris (@TyFarris1) – Maintain N Survive ft Nash (Prod by Trox)

Ty Farris returns with his 2nd release from his new project “Room 39“. Him and Trox have been on a tear dating back to the release that lead up to this project fruition “Another Crackbaby”. The aggressive sound and reality lyrics hits home for anybody that can relate to the struggle.
“What you know about extension cords running out the window to ya neighbor house
Climbing up the pole when the cable out.
Flat tires on ya Huffy bike with a paper route.
And youll never be shit keep coming out the haters mouth.
“Maintain N Survive” is 1 of the tracks thats gonna get ya head bobbing like a Busta Rhymes 90’s music video, with sharp lyrics and a very melodic chorus. He links up with Nash a Detroit lyricist on the rise to stomp threw the Trox horn driven production to set that stage for the release of Room 39 which is dropping January 2017.
Listen to “Maintain N Survive” below and tap in with Ty Farris on Twitter @TyFarris1

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