The Liife Interview | No Jumper

Liife shares about his upbringing, growing up with no guidance, doing time, losing his Dad killed on Christmas, He also talks about going to school with Kendrick, being introduced to Black Wallstreet by The Game, being a ghostwriter and so much more.

0:55 – Growing up with a father who was in the streets
2:23 – Growing up with no guidance
4:08 – Jail only makes you a better criminal
6:59 – Accidentally finding his dads shotgun when he was a kid
8:01 – Dad killed on Christmas
11:07 – Getting into street life in 6th grade
14:40 – Putting family first
16:46 – Going to school with Kendrick Lamar
18:47 – Going in and out of prison and getting a strike on his record
22:26 – Spending a year and a half in jail
26:35 – Knowing Suge Knight personally
34:50 – Making the decision to focus on music
35:55 – Defining his rapping style
36:17 – Being introduced to Black Wallstreet by The Game
38:38 – Being a ghostwriter
41:10 – Leaving ghostwriting to become an artist
43:52 – Building up a solo career
47:45 – New music and Tape coming

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