The Cypher Effect w/ Darren G / Jenn Johnson / 3D / Blest Brando / Nina Beretta / Mr. Ridley

This is the second installment of a primarily San Diego-centric Cypher Effect (click HERE for the first installment). SD represents well – I don’t think that there is much explanation or commentary necessary. The line-up is strong and the stand-outs are obvious, so enjoy some dope 16?s. Special SAC shout out to Darren G and Mr. Ridley, as well as a salute to 3D, Blest Brando and the ladies.

Peace and Love,


Listen to more of each artist’s music here:

Darren G

Jenn Johnson

3D – of the Red Lotus Klan

Blest Brando – of The Lie Show

Nina Beretta

Mr. Ridley

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