Spider Loc goes IN on 50 Cent, Young Buck, Wack 100 and Explains Gas Station Fight

Spider Loc gets really candid on the No Jumper podcast, about his upbringing in the streets, relationship with Suge Knight, 50 Cent, and what he thinks about Snoop.

3:20 Upbringing in Compton
5:07 Fatherhood, breaking the gang cycle
8:00 When did you decide to take rap seriously
9:49 Before meeting Suge
12:34 Experience behind bars
16:56 First meeting with Suge
20:06 Working with Suge
20:52 Crooked i came up with “Bluetiful” and Spider coming up with the song
25:21 Meeting with 50 Cent
28:13 From Death Row Records to G-Unit
33:33 Meeting Eminem: “Godly type energy” and cult following
35:41 Spider beef with Snoop, 50 Cent is scared of Snoop
46:39 Wack 100, YG and Blueface
54:01 50 Cent relationship with Spider went left
57:32 50 Cent vs Eminem Interscope strategy
58:44 50 Cent diss about Dre relationship behind the scenes with Label Executives
1:01:30 50 Cent blocked Spider on social media and Vivica Fox gag order
1:03:55 Young Buck and not being straight in hip hop
1:05:41 The Game and Spider relationship going left and maybe rekindling it
1:09:29 Artists glorifying the streets in music
1:13:09 Keep making music, asking his kids for approval
1:16:03 Viral moment at the gas station
1:21:34 50 Cent released the footage of the gas station incident
1:23:30 Snoop West Coast Peace Conference viral moment
1:29:04 BG Knock Out and Dresta
1:33:57 BG Knock Out on 50 Cent and Spider beef, and Spider thinking his homies were real ones
1:35:50 Appreciate someone’s music even when you beef “50 Cent is outright wack

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