Hoodrich’s Snypa & Compton Menace Team Up For Music Video “Bompton”

Snypa & Menace

With his mixtape Trap Rock 2, Snypa quickly gain attention as one of the new voices in hip hop. Being a native of California and a resident of Atlanta, his style mixes both sides giving him a different unique sound. Snypa and Compton Menace teamed up back in August to release a track for the streets called “Bompton“. The pair delivers a visual to their street anthem “Bompton”. Both guys utilizes a similarly street style; in the video the two can be seen displaying hand-signs of their neighborhoods, which makes street tracks like Bompton” seem as a lifestyle.

Bompton” will appear on Snypa’s up-and-coming mixtape, Raja, which is significant because it is the name of his son. Check out his latest tape entitled Trap Rock 2, featuring Young Thug, Calico Jones, and more, here.

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