Smigg Dirtee – “Duffel Bag Society” the Compilation

Sac City’s Smigg Dirtee prepares to release his next musical venture with “Duffel Bag Society” the Compilation”, a 4 disc Compiliation coming soon to iTunes and priced only at $8.99. Feat. Smigg Dirtee, Brotha Lynch Hung, Key Loom, Max B, A-Wax, I-Rocc, B-Legit, COS, Turf Talk, Techniec, T-Soprano, Goldie Gold (The Federation), Hollow Tip, Mack Twon, YP, Richie Rich, Young Rebz, Loose Cannons, Bigg Slim, Pimpsy, Jack Thrilla, X-Raided, Work Babee, Sonny Bo, Dubble R, Paul Masson, Riv Loc, The Popper, Rondoe, 211, Cousin Fik, Van Loc, Eddie Haskill, Glueazy, Ricky Ruckus, Meat Face, Idaho J.doe aka Snort Dog, Reddy Regg, Brea Joseph (Deep Rooted) Johaz (Dag Savage/Deep Rooted) The Gatlin, Big Frost, Messy Marv, Trae Tha Truth, C Plus & More.


Smigg Dirtee announced to his fans earlier today “I might leak one of the Discs for free… just so yall can get a free taste so u know it’s a Must Buy!!”. Stay tuned for more information about this project here at the Siccness Network.

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