Rob Stone Talks San Diego Hip-Hip In 2016


Rob $tone is aiming to put San Diego hip-hop on the map, as he tells Billboard it’s always overlooked when compared to Los Angeles or the Bay Area. “There’s a sense of unity and pride from San Diego right now that’s amazing,” the San Diego native says.

What the scene like in San Diego, aside from 1207?
It’s a real hip-hop culture. There’s a lot of gangsta rap in San Diego as well. Ever since 1207, everyone’s been coming together. There’s a sense of unity and pride from San Diego right now that’s amazing.

Does everyone know you in San Diego now?
Yeah, actually it’s crazy. I walked out the liquor store about 10 minutes ago, and I was walking out, someone was like, “Yo, Rob $tone!” Everywhere I go in San Diego, somebody knows me.

How did you first start rapping?
It’s always been a dream of mine since I was like five. In high school, my boy had been rapping since we were freshmen, and I saw how much better he got. It just inspired me to get started. Then when I was out in Atlanta I started going to the studio all the time, I moved back to San Diego, linked back up with all my friends. 1207 [his rap crew] started, and it’s been going ever since then. We all just push and help each other to get better, keep doing it, and never give up.



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