Raz Fresco Releases “Magneto Was Right #9”

Raz Fresco Releases “Magneto Was Right #9”. The project contains a total of 15 tracks. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the link provided for streaming purposes and purchase.

01. Opening Credits (prod. by Raz Fresco)
02. World Guide (prod. by Bozack Morris)
03. Illumination (prod. by Raz Fresco)
04. Math Iz Real (prod. by Raz Fresco)
05. Masterwork (prod. by Raz Fresco & Bozack Morris)
06. Best In Mind feat. The 6th Letter (prod. by Elaquent)
07. The Realm Of 6 Interlude feat. Supreme J.A.H. (prod. by Elaquent)
08. Knock Knock (prod. by Raz Fresco & Al Smith)
09. Babylon (prod. by Raz Fresco & Junia-T)
10. Cloud City (prod. by Raz Fresco)
11. Can’t Believe (prod. by Raz Fresco & Junia-T)
12. One Million feat. The 6th Letter (prod. by Raz Fresco)
13. Magnus (prod. by Raz Fresco)
14. The Marvelous Flow (prod. by Raz Fresco)
15. The End (prod. by Raz Fresco)


Magneto Was Right Issue #9 | Digital Album

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