Rapper Weasel Sims Releases ‘Money Come To Me Now’ From His Latest Studio Project, Road 2 R.A.N.

Weasel Sims has made a monumental mark in the Midwest with his successful project, ‘Road 2 R.A.N.’. With the major success of his single, he has released his fifth music video to Money Come To Me Now featuring Gittaa Thomas and Lacy West. Chicago’s hip-hop director Alexander King captured the impeccable, vivid visuals. Through this amazing mini-movie to compliment the video storyline, Weasel is redefining the true meaning of hustler’s ambition.

Weasel Sims, the son of the well-known kingpin, is a name that is greatly respected in the Chicago streets. As founder of the R.A.N (Real Artist Network) movement, he has been able to be a support system to create a platform for fellow artists. In late 2014, Weasel Sims released his highly acclaimed studio project, Road 2 R.A.N., with his hit songs ‘Gangland’, ‘Constantly’ and ‘Bags’. With the release of the video, he is promising to break new musical barriers.


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