P-NiCe & Big Tray Deee Drop “I’m From Long Beach”

Prentice Jones also known as “P-NiCe” was born January 13, 1989, is a rap artist from the East Side of Long Beach, CA. P-NiCe didn’t always want to be a rap artist, he had dreams of becoming an all-star football player in the NFL.  Due to his heavy involvement in the streets, those dreams never became reality.

It’s not easy coming up in a gang and crime infested neighborhood, where all of your closest friends and the people you look up to are living an infamous lifestyle.” -P-NiCe

However, his lifestyle has taken a positive change and his focus is centered around developing his craft in music. Like Snoop and other LBC emcees, Prentice is giving fans an up close look within the Long Beach music scene. Long Beach, CA, is buzzing with emerging talent with P-NiCe at the front and center. Look forward to hearing music that’s raw, uncut, with a lot of street action.

I’m proud to be from the LBC and I wanna rep it to the fullest extent. I was really raised in these East Side Long Beach streets and I want the world to know how we get down on this side of town.” – P-NiCe


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