Odd Future Counters Beating Story, Accuser Bragged About Throwing First Punch

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All was accused of viciously beating a fan onstage during a show in San Antonio, TX, and the young man is reportedly planning to sue the hip hop collective. But OFWGKTA is countering his version of what happened, alleging that 17-year old Chassan Rasagi threw the first punch.

The group has also pointed to a series of tweets Rasagi allegedly posted, in which a witness claims that Rasagi started the fight and bragged about the money he would get from the altercation.

“I give you props even tho u swung 1st those lame ass n***as suck I would of had your back. Probably would of got my ass beat too,” the user tweeted, which Rasagi re-tweeted.

“I’ll remember to send you a picture of the check when I get it,” Rasagi teeted to three different users, according to Pitchfork.


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