Oakland Rapper Don P Takes Us On A “Smoking Odyssey” With Newest Album


California’s cannabis prohibition era has been noted by some of Hip Hops biggest marijuana magnates, and Oakland Rapper Don P is definitely highlighting it in his latest release.

With guest appearances from Bay Area Weed magnates The Jacka and B Legit to name a few, Don P takes us on a elaborate Smokers Journey, and brings along many Bay Area heavyweights in his latest release.

With fun party anthems like “The Weed Man”, and “In Motion” ft HBK Skipper, Don P crafts a weed smokers masterpiece so we can burn it down and vibe.

Don P really shows his hustle and ambition, and shocks critics with a legendary hometown guest appearance by Grammy Award Winning artist Dwayne Wiggins in his “So Good” Single. In short, the album was crafted with care, and should be treated as a major release to the Bay Area hip hop fan.

Don P’s latest release was premiered on AllBayMusic.com, and is currently available via iTunes and other online retailers.




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