Nipsey Hussle Explains Idea Behind “Mailbox Money”

Nipsey Hussle details what exactly you’ll receive with your $1000 purchase of “Mailbox Money,” and explains the idea behind the LP.

Nipsey Hussle announced last week, to our surprise, that he has a new album in the works, “the album before the album.” Mailbox Money would warm-up the fans for the long-awaited Victory Lap album from Nipsey.

The album would be promoted in a similar method as his $100 CrenshawLP, only this time around, the price is a bit steeper: $1000. Nipsey spoke briefly on the concept the other week, saying there would only be 100 hard copies made, but now in a new interview with XXL he expands on what you’ll get for you $1000 and the whole idea with his “album before the album.”

He insists this is not a mixtape, “It’s not a mixtape. No jacked beats, all original music. So I didn’t want to devalue it by calling it a mixtape. It’s not going to be in Best Buy, etc. When you say an album you think traditional retail, so that’s why I said the “album before the album.” This is still a release that we made hard copies for through our Proud 2 Pay campaign. It’s not a mixtape. I just wanted to be clear on the terminology. It’s not an album.”

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