Natalac Records Releases New Song From ’Pimp of The Nation’

Mr. Bigg , Mr. Flip, Project Pat, Devin Patrick, Lil Brod ,Pastor Troy.Natalac Records,Natalac , Pimp of the Nation

November 2017 – Renowned American Hip Hop Music Artist, Natalac of Natalac Records has proudly announced the release of his new song titled ‘Hoe Check II’. The song is from the upcoming 11th album of Natalac titled ‘Pimp of the Nation’ that will be released in 2018. Natalac has released this amazing song available everywhere online and as a result of the combined effort made by some of the most Legendary Southern Rap Artists in the US and promises to be a crowd pleaser. The song features The Last Mr. Bigg (Deceased), Mr. Flip, Project Pat, Devin Patrick, Lil Brod and Pastor Troy.

“This new song is a dedication to The Alabama Legend, The Last Mr. Bigg which is speaking at the beginning of the song. Featuring Atlanta Legend Pastor Troy, Florida Legend Natalac, South Carolina Legends. Lil Brod Mr. Flip, Devin Patrick & Grammy and Oscar winner Project Pat,” said Natalac of Natalac Records, while talking about the new song. “These amazing Rap Music Legends home bases are Memphis TN, Atlanta GA, Jacksonville Fl, Columbia SC, and Mobile Al. Its a teamed up Southern effort to make this song a song fans will love,” he added.

Natalac, born in 1974 as Sheldon Martinez Davis, is currently signed to his own music label Natalac Records. The company is known for taking the Natalac’s southern rap to the next level and this new album in 2018 is expected to create a major buzz in the industry. According to the artist, their many rappers featured on this upcoming album from the west coast to east coast and we have worked really hard in close collaboration in making this upcoming album a success and we are expecting a phenomenal response from the fans worldwide.

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