Meph Luciano Drops His Latest Project “Annihilation”

Meph Luciano Drops His Latest Project “Annihilation”. The Project contains a total of 14 tracks. Peep the tracklist below for further details on the Project. As well as the Bandcamp link provided for streaming purposes and purchase.

01. Roman Belt Buckles feat. Whata Mess & Ca$ablanca
02. Puff feat. Nejma Nefertiti
03. Come True feat. JBurn
04. Annihilation feat. D.R.E. Colombian Raw
05. Test Yo Might (Interlude)
06. Feared Than Loved feat. Jae Hussle & Indigo Phoenyx
07. Galaxy War feat. U.Poet
08. Severe Trauma feat. Iron Lung
09. Bladz
10. Off With The Head feat. Tito theCZAR
11. City Of Pillars
12. Big Army feat. Jay Holly & D.R.E. Colombian Raw
13. Bicycle Kick feat. Scream Geronimo
14. Fatality feat. Tsams


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