MC Ren Talks Current Events and Rebel Muzik

MC Ren is quiet, but he says a lot. The founding member of N.W.A. has enjoyed a constant career in music for almost 30 years. However, the deeply private Compton native has never flooded the masses with halfhearted music or run for the spotlight to regurgitate his story in forming one of music’s most revolutionary groups.

Instead, Ren, who still calls Southern California home, sticks to his core. He’s worked periodically with Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and when making music, DJ Yella. Additionally, Ren maintained an O.G. status in traditional Gangsta Rap, running with guys like RBX, DJ Crazy Toones, Kam, and Yukmouth. With his rich voice and penchant for cuss words, one could easily argue that Lorenzo Patterson is the least changed of “the Black Beatles,” who preferred Turkish gold chains and Loc’s, instead of mop-tops and going barefoot.

Making time to speak with, Ren reflects on the world at large. He promises his fifth solo album, made with some of his contemporaries. The Villain stresses the importance of saying what They don’t want you to say, in keeping Hip-Hop fresh and groundbreaking. He looks ahead to an N.W.A. biopic and along the way, recalls some smile-evoking gems about Dre and the immortalized Eazy-E. Staying off the grid at times has kept MC Ren on track, and a true lyricist who kicked down boundaries still has his combat boots on.

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