Los Angeles Rapper Wallet Green Releases “Don’t Cha” From The Green Ticket EP

In Los Angeles, there’s a lot of myths about the ways of life in the streets. There’s also a lot of truth to what people say about the struggles of coming up in South Central, one of America’s most notoriously dangerous inner cities.  


If anyone knows the truth of the matter, its LA bred talent Wallet Green who remained neutral despite growing up just blocks away from regular gang violence and other dangerous street activity.

But with a focus to be more and having found success with the songs, “Sittin High” and “Let Me See Something” early on in his career, Wallet Green  built on his early successes eventually releasing and ode to his hometown “LA” featuring RJ and Compton AV.  
Now Wallet Green is prepping for his new EP, with the song “Don’t Cha,” produced by an  Atlantic Records signed producer named “Composer”  and is mixed and mastered by famed production group 1500 or Nothin.
“Right now I’m just trying get more visuals done and keep the music coming consistently. This time around I’m just looking to keep the music coming and keep the music current.  I’m just at the point I just don’t want to hold anything back,” Wallet Green explained. 
The track will be on Wallet’s The Green Ticket EP, named after his Mill Ticket Music Group and his Mill Ticket Casting Agency that has been highly successful in Hollywood booking talent for artists like Drake, Tyga, Chris Brown, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kendrick Lamar and other musicians.  


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