Listening party for Frosty (@icons619) & Steve Vicious (@SteveVicious) collective work…Audiograff Authenticated EP

June 30th IACON Studio witch is a very chill vintage spot I might say. We were here to be the first to hear Audiograff Authenticated EP“” totally produced by Steve Vicious, who was in attendance.

It was a really positive vibe the whole evening as everyone in the building came out to support the project. At around 945 it was go time,Tim Richardson of DUI gathered the attention of everyone and then… “Bright Blues” fills the room,the first track of the evening to be introduced

STEVERAK.                                (DJ Rek & Steve Vicious)

“What It Is” is “almost” a classic West Coast joint,with a KRS sample that actually puts him IN the track.

“Way Out” is another monster.As I look to my immediate left I see DJ Rek with the scrunched up face. Now Frosty at no time lacks any lyrical content or delivery. This is Hip Hop and these two make it very clear.

frost                                                      (Frosty)

“What Don’t Kill You” & “40/40 Club” two other records that forsure caught my attention. Now you can call Audiograff Authenticated EP“” grimey to an extent, were talking samples that only Steve Vicious could locate, and again with Frostys rugged demanding flow, Audiograff Authenticated EP is a pleasure to us true Hip Hop ,ICON ,Steve Vicious fans… Now available On all steaming sites

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