Lil Sicx Drops His Latest Project “The Devil’s Advocate”

Lil Sicx Drops His Latest Project “The Devil’s Advocate”. The project contains a total of 16 tracks. It features guest appearances by Brotha Lynch Hung, Lady Insane, Bizzel & Ace JB . Peep the tracklist below for further details on the project. As well as the Spotify link provided for streaming purposes.


01. Lil Sicx – The Devil’s Advocate Intro
02. Lil Sicx – CrEEk Call
03. Lil Sicx – Cant Help Em
04. Lil Sicx – kEEp Goin’
05. Lil Sicx – Fonk Central Homage
06. Lil Sicx – Life In The City (feat. St. Truis Blu)
07. Lil Sicx – Flickin’ (feat. Swift Homicide)
08. Lil Sicx – Limit Break
09. Lil Sicx – Killa Cali (feat. Brotha Lynch Hung)
10. Lil Sicx – Dead End
11. Lil Sicx – We Come From (feat. Lady Insane)
12. Lil Sicx – Bad News
13. Lil Sicx – Like That (feat. Bizzel & Ace JB)
14. Lil Sicx – Put One In The Air
15. Lil Sicx – Dark Abyss
16. Lil Sicx – Way 2 Long

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