Kurupt Details The Making Of The HRSMN Album | What’s The Headline #54

0:00 Intro

1:15 How the HRSMN (Ras Kass, Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt) were formed

3:30 What each Horseman represents

5:30 Why Kurupt decided to join the super group

7:14 How they were able to complete the album after 20 years of setbacks

11:25 How The Last Ride album by the HRSMN was created using new and older material

14:30 The HRSMN’s desire to make their album a reality for the fans

17:20 The knowledge Kurupt got from Snoop, Daz, Dr. Dre, Suge Knight and more

21:50 What inspired him on “Believer”

23:45 Kurupt on which classic Death Row songs that were freestyles

26:50 Kurupt on a HRSMN battle with Black Hippy, Slaughterhouse or 4 members of Wu-Tang Clan

28:38 Kurupt’s history with battle rapping

32:00 Kurupt’s favorite battle rappers

33:50 HRSMN rapping over Pat Benatar music

36:23 Rapping on Snoop’s “Doggy Dogg World”

36:50 Ricky Harris’ impact on Kurupt, Daz and Snoop

38:50 The MC who brought the fun to HRSMN’s The Last Ride album

40:00 How it feels to finally release the HRSMN album

41:17 The new projects Kurupt will be releasing soon, including a Dogg Pound album

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