Kokane “All I Ever Want” ft. Sweet Talk, Dr. Kokastien, Lord Kokavader & Toe Jam

Kokane “All I Need” Off the Album #STFU & CUT DA CHECC online everywhere!
Kokane takes you on a journey to the land of G-Funk! Video is a mixture of rock, funk & R&B. This song takes you back to 8 track tapes, disco lights and slick talk, finally we get to see a face behind Kokane’s altar ego’s! Hold on & put your chin strap on and get ready for the ride Bud E Boy! Make the G-Funk be with you! Song produced by Ishan Cooper and additional keys by JBL.
Video directed by @AfroNaj & co-directed by JBL
Co-Filmed by Ricc Ross 253
Edited by @AfroNaj & JBL


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