Kat Stacks Claims Rapper Philthy Rich Punched Her at Miami’s KOD

Kat Stacks recently shared several photos and videos online addressing her getting allegedly punched by rapper Philthy Rich at Miami’s King of Diamonds strip club. The famed model and personality spoke exclusively to HipHopMorning.com, telling them that she didn’t do anything to provoke the rapper.

“I saw him at KOD and ran out. Then I went to the office and chilled, and he followed me there. I tried to walk out and blocked me harassing me and since I would talk, he hit me on the back of the head so I threw my drink as defense and he punched me on my right ear and I fell down then security picked me up.”

In a video posted on her Instagram page, you can see Kat explaining that she was punched in the ear and in the back of the head. She added that Philthy allegedly ran out the back of the club, but she showed proof that she’s still pressing charges against him.

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Source: VladTV


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