KASH – Feel Like (Prod by Retro 1) | @BoomerKa5h


Eat your heart out Drake, North Carolina’s KASH comes into 2017 strong with his soulful new video for “Feel Like.” Produced by Retro 1, KASH runs through his latest emotions and why he’s been keeping to himself and channeling it all through his music. It’s not easy as men to admit our feelings sometimes, and it’s definitely not easy for rappers to do it, but KASH comes across honest and unbothered but what people may think. It’s this sort of honesty that allows an artist to truly grow and become the best artist they can. Drowning out the sounds of 90’s R&B, Retro 1 clears the way for KASH to be able to examine himself and the people around him. Don’t let me get to deep, watch the video and enjoy it.

Also, look out for much more music coming from KASH this year!

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