K-Dee Talks Ice Cube’s Original Name & His First Rhyme

West Coast Legend and former Ice Cube group member in C.I.A., K-Dee was a guest on the Murder Master Music Show. He talked to hosts Prez and Mac Jay about several things including the
origins of Ice Cube’s name, when C.I.A. was created, Ice Cube’s first rhyme, and much more.

Ice Cubes First Rap and the beginning of C.I.A.  YouTube Audio https://youtu.be/viujRNh-pOc
” Cube was the first one before we even started rappin’! One day he was coming out of typing class which was a boring class and he had like 24 bars , a long ass rap, and he said check out this rap that I wrote, and he spit it  and I was like that was hard for that being your first rap. After that he was like we should start a group and we went to Jynx house and he had little stuff set up in the garage and we started out from there.”

Where Ice Cube Got His Name Idea, and his original name was Purple Ice after Prince and Ice-T YouTube Audio https://youtu.be/a2ZST9GtlmQ
” Cube was a fan of Ice-T , that’s how he first started liking rap, he said that dude is hard, and I ain’t gonna put him out there but that’s like almost how his name came about. He will tell a different story but his name was Purple Ice before that because he was into Prince and Ice-T. That was his name at first and one day he was like, man I need to change my name, and his Mom kept soad up under the counter, and he was getting a luke warm soda, he put it on the counter and got the glass and he got the ice cube tray and was like Ice Cube. He looked at me and  I said it was tight. I heard him tell a different story but that’s how it went down.” 

Has No Idea Why He Fell Out With Ice Cube YouTube Audio https://youtu.be/lEsblK2DZ5Q
“To be honest I really don’t have a take because I really don’t know what happened. One day dude just stopped communicating with me. Really I don’t want to hold anything back, it’s not like I’m trying to put anything out there, I don’t know what happened. That question really has to be asked to him. From what I hear it was asked to him and he always throws it back on me. To this day I still don’t know what the reason is”     


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