Juicy J talks New Pimp C, Scarface & Hip Hop

Exclusive in-depth interview with Juicy J In part 3 Juicy J talks to Nick Huff Barili about his Pimp C memories and tells Hard Knock TV that he is already working on a new Pimp C album, which he is going to produce most of. RIP PIMP C. Juicy J says he plans on reaching out to Bun B soon to work on the album. While talking about southern rappers Nick asks Juicy J how he feels about Scarface’s statement in a recent Hard Knock Tv interview where he says that Hip Hop in now a drive through and that it has lost its soul.

You will have to tune in to hear Juicy J’s response. As the conversation progresses Juicy shares his feelings about the assimilation of Trap music by the EDM movement and gives his definition of what Trap music is to him. Juicy takes a look back at his career and talks about his journey from making grimmy underground music like Tear Da Club Up with Three 6 Mafia early on to collaborating with some of the biggest pop stars of today like Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus.

Juicy adds that he is also working on Wiz Khalifa’s new album and that it is close to being done. The interview wraps up with Juicy sharing some advice he got from his Pops.

Check out Hardknock.tv for the full interview with Juicy J.

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