J.I.D. Interview – Is he a Grandad??? Talks Di Caprio 2, Mac Miller, The Never Story & J Cole.

J.I.D. is the latest guest on the show! The rapper, signed to Dreamville talks to me about a weird rumour I had to dispell, whether or not he is a GRANDAD!?!? After we get to the bottom of that we talk about the music. We break down various elements of J.I.D’s career & life, including his (full) real name, his first conversation with J Cole, how and why he left a football scholarship to make music, and signing to J Cole’s label ‘Dreamville’. J.I.D. also talks about his involvement in Mac Miller’s recent album, how much input Mac Miller had on his own project, ‘Di Caprio 2’ and talks about their friendship.


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