Horseshoe Gang Releases ‘Top Ramen N!&&@’ Album Tracklist


Treacherous C.O.B’s Horseshoe Gang have revealed the official tracklisting for their forthcoming album, Top Ramen N!&&@.

Top Ramen N!&&@ is slated for an October 22nd release, and is available for pre-order on iTunes [here].

View the official Top Ramen N!&&@ tracklisting below.

1. Top Ramen Nigga (produced by Aktive)
2. Fly Away (produced by Tabu)
3. Thuggin Like Its Nuthin (produced by Tabu)
4. Wild’N (produced by Rick Rock)
5. Bitches Off That (produced by Jupiter Beats)
6. Take It Off ft. Crooked I & K-Young (produced by Ty Steez)
7. Sex Signals ft. Kobe & K-Young (produced by Tabu)
8. Story Of A Ghetto Boy ft. Kobe (produced by Komplex)
9. Dear Ol’ Dad (produced by Tabu)
10. Sometimes I Cry Yo (produced by Tabu)
11. My Last Song (produced by Tabu)
12. Lyrical Miracle (produced by Tabu)


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