Hogg Mob Ministries Presents “Pray For My Hood” Tour & Free Block Party

There are more than 2 MILLION active gang members in the US. and another almost 2 MILLION incarcerated. Over 50% 0f these gang members are TEENAGERS! Needless to say, the activities produced by these greedy and often violent organizations are wreaking havoc in our communities. The truth however is, these criminal organizations are made up of people who are lost, confused, hurting and often victims of childhood drama that have gone unchecked and unaddressed.

As former Gang members, God has put it on their heart to go city to city this summer and spread the love of God as well as address the issues that produce a lot of these issues. They will be traveling city to city across country starting in May and collaborating with different local ministries to throw block parties in urban communities. Theye will feed EVERYONE for FREE as well as put on FREE christian concerts in these neighborhoods.

Hog Mob ultimate goal is to clearly deliver the GOOD NEWS of Jesus christ and sign people up for long term discipleship. They will also be working with local nonprofits in order to bring resources and meet the practical needs of the community they engage with. Their plan is to give away 10,000 cd’s and bible study curriculum’s, as well as bibles and other faith based materials in order to equip them in their walk with Christ and personal ministry efforts. #Pray4MyHood


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