Guce Speaks On Being Introduced To Lavish D, His Ties To The Blood Card & His Relationship With Messy Marv

San Francisco rapper “Guce” reached out to the Siccness Network to finally set the record straight on the recent allegations made by Sacramento rapper Lavish D. Guce who said this will be the las t and only interview to speak on this topic, spoke on various topics in full detail, from how met and became to know Lavish D, his new Bully’s Wit Fully’s clothing line, Blood affiliation, His relationship with Messy Marv and the truth behind the mic snatching incident in Seattle, Wa.

Guce Speaks Out On The Recent Allegation Made By Lavish D (Part 1)

Guce Speaks On His Relationship With Messy Marv & The truth Behind Mic Snatching Incident In Seattle, Wa.

Guce Speaks On Messy Marv Mic Snatching Incident & Question Lavish D Gang Ties (Part 3)

Guce Speaks On DB The General


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