Game Could Be Prepping G-Unit Reunion

Game’s manager, Dontay “Taydoe” Kidd, shared with Lee Hawkins that he is working to get 50 Cent and Game on the same page regarding a full G-Unit reunion. Though no agreement has been reached, Kidd revealed that he thinks the two rappers will put aside their differences.

“I can’t say it’ll happen, I can’t it won’t happen; however, from a business perspective, I’m gonna attempt to make [a reunion] happen,” Kidd said. “I think it’ll be a wise business move on both parts…I’m thinking about tours, I’m thinking about merchandise, I’m thinking about all these other things that [are] lacking in the industry, and this is the perfect timing for that…I can’t really speak for 50, but I think they’re both open; it’s just a matter of approaching it in the right way. 50 understands that he needs Game to make a G-Unit push. Game understands that if it’s gonna be a push, he needs to be involved and 50 needs to be involved…they both are business savvy. We know that 50’s a businessman, we know that Game’s a businessman. They understand that. So now, it’s only their internal egos that would stop that from happening.”


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