Figg Panamera (aka JT The Bigga Figga) Delivers Fiery Visual “Hand In Da Pot”

Figg Panerama Brings Crips and Bloods together in Atlanta

Surrounded by a raging bonfire and death-defying flame dancers, Figg mixes up the concoction that keeps his illicit operation in the black. Released this past June, “Hand In The Pot” is the latest video to spring from Cali Boy Down South, following “Phone Ringing” featuring Kevin Gates and “Money Talk,” which features 21 Savage.

“You gotta keep business brewing for yourself,” explains Figg. “Keep your hand in your own ‘pot,’ cause you can’t always rely on other people. I gotta be aware, create situations you can control. This is my pot right here, that I worked for and I can control. This is not your pot.”

Check out the official video link below.

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