Fashawn Talks Working With Kool G Rap & New EP ‘Manna | Rap News

In today’s hip-hop culture, there’s a growing fixation on dividing rappers and their signature sounds into many unique sub-genres. For Fashawn, however, being put into a classified box is not in the cards for his mission in music.

Hailing from the West Coast in Fresno, CA, the Mass Appeal signee is moving into a new wave with his Manna EP, which dropped Friday (Aug. 11), but keeping the same universal sounds that his loyal supporters know and love.

Known for his eclectic pen game and wordplay on the microphone, Fashawn’s new brief project delivers a slew of different themes. Taking influences from his humble beginnings in his home neighborhood, he’s hit on major success that’s led him to tour the globe and work with legends on anticipated albums such as Dr. Dre’s scrapped Detox project.

Picking out Snoop Dogg, who he deems “King of the West,” as the only feature on Manna, the Boy Meets World MC keeps the spotlight on his rhymes and messages. Gathering production credits from his consistent production collaborator, Exile, as well as Evidence, his recently-released self-titled track, “Fashawn,” hears some magic from the iconic Large Professor, which was a long-awaited collaboration for the rapper.


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