Eddie MMack – Ocean View (Tracklist + Cover Art)

Eddie Mmack is a young rap artist from San Diego, California. Using his words of experience to reveal the image of his community and the way he was brought up in South East San Diego’s, Ocean View area Eddie Mmack brings a hot fresh sound that incorporates all elements of hip hop music ranging from trap beats, to boom bap. Eddie Mmack brings the reality of being young and in the streets and surviving the game to his music and has already completed 4 full cd mix tapes that are currently being released online. Purchase “Ocean View” now on Amazon and other digital retail outlets.

1.Intro – ft Mike Mighty , Brim Reaper, Blacky Brim

2.The Action

3.All Day IM Trappin ft Mar Hustle

4.Broke Bitch ft LIL Day Ocean

5.Cant Even Call It

6.Dat Bullshit

7.EveryBody ft Lil Day Ocean

8.Get Naked for Me ft Oso Ocean, Jizzle Jizz

9.Hard Times ft jizzle jizz

10.MMoney Bags ft Jizzle jizz

11.NO DRAMA ft Lil Mitchy Slick

12.No Time For the Games ft Bick Nick



15.So Lame ft Jizzle Jizz

16.Thinkin Bout My Niggas

17.Trap About It ft Jizzle Jizz

18.Outro – ft Mike Mighty

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