E-40’s Upcoming Line of 40-Ounce Malt Liquor Coming Soon


The Bay Area has a lot to be thankful for. After the Golden State Warriors took home the NBA playoffs trophy earlier this summer and rapper Lil B blessed the world with news of an upcoming mixtape, it looked as though life couldn’t get any better for the Yay Area. And then, just like that, legendary rapper E-40 announced the introduction of an E-40 branded 40-oz malt liquor.

It’s no secret that E-40 is one of the Bay’s most treasured public figures. Not only is the man an immensely talented rapper, but he knows a thing or two about fine alcohol. Back in 2014, the rapper introduced his first-ever cocktail, the Slurricane, inspired by his song “Hurricane.” The cherry-red cocktail proved that, unlike perfumes and colognes, cocktails made by rappers are something to be celebrated.

With his name on the line, E-40 has no choice but to deliver. Fortywater will undoubtedly change the malt-liquor game forever.

Forty has yet to announce a release date or further details on the beverage, but rap fans are waiting patiently. In the meantime, pour one out as the world awaits the drop of the next iconic rap beverage.



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  • Why would he sell “malt liquor”? Out of everything else he wants to push that death on more urban areas. I was cool with the Sluricane but this is wack.