Dom Kennedy Adds Flavor To The West Coast With “Los Angeles Is Not for Sale, Vol. 1”

don kennedy

Based out of Los Angeles, California, Dom Kennedy (born Dominic Hunn) is a rapper with a fiercely independent streak. with inspiration from West Coast rap legends like 2Pac and DJ Quik. The musical artist beganĀ  rapping in the late 2000s. Kennedy made his debut in 2008 with 25th Hour, followed by Future Street/Drug Sounds and Best After Bobby in 2009, From the Westside with Love in 2010, and The Original Dom Kennedy in 2011.

the talented MC instead decided to start his own label, the Other People’s Money Company, which he used to release his own official albums. From the Westside with Love II arrived in 2011 and was a success, hitting the Top 100 of the Billboard 200 album chart. Kennedy toured throughout the U.S. and Europe in 2012, and released mixtapes Yellow Album (which Delicious Vinyl released on vinyl) and Young Nation, as well as the single “My Type of Party.”

Just in time for the holiday’s, The independent artist has prepared a pleasant 15 song dish, days before Christmas and the birth of a new year. The fully loaded album comes action packed with guest appearances from the Bay Area’s P-Lo, Niko G4, Ricky Hill, Tory Noka and more. The album is now available for stream or download on your favorite digital retail outlet.

Check out the official stream and download at the links provided below.


1 Let the Money Burn
2 T P O
3 Dominic, Pt. 2
4 In Other Wor ds (feat. Troy N?ka)
5 Everywhere I Go (feat. Niko G4 & Ricky Hil)
6 California
7 The 76
8 96 Cris
9 When I’m Missing U
10 Since We’re Telling the Truth
11 Passcode (feat. P Lo)
12 We Still on Top
13 U Got It Like That (feat. Niko G4)
14 Johnny
15. 323 Go Crazy


don kennedy

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