Denver, CO. Vonny Loc Delivers Debut Album, “The Baby Gangsta” w/ Luni Coleone, The Jacka & More

Denver, Colorado’s Vonny Loc delivers his debut album entitled “The Baby Gangsta.” Nephew to the West Coast Mobfather “C-Bo”. The young gunner unpacks 15 + 1 bonus track featuring Harlem’s Jim Jones.

The new album was released January 1oth and features Sacramento’s Luni Coleone, The Jacka, Tray Sav and more.


1. Intro (Feat. Big Wonka) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, BIG WONKA

2. Enemies, Pt. 2 [Explicit] by Vonny Loc

3. Respect My Gangsta (Feat. Tray Active) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, TRAY ACTIVE

4. I Aint Fuccd Up About It [Explicit] by Vonny Loc

5. Set Thang (Feat. Boss Knewz & 53rd Matt) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, BOSS KNEWZ, 53RD MATT

6. Bangin Like Its 96 [Explicit] by Vonny Loc

7. Sittin In That Cell [Explicit] by Vonny Loc

8. Yea Thats It (Feat. Luni Coleone & Tray Sav) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, LUNI COLEONE, TRAY SAV

9. WHY NOT [Explicit] by Vonny Loc

10. I Can Be The 1 For U (Feat. Shayla Monique) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, SHAYLA MONIQUE

11. Flash (Feat. Young Bleed) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, YOUNG BLEED

12. Its All On Me (Feat. Tray Active) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, TRAY ACTIVE

13. Da Hood Dont Luv Me [Explicit] by Vonny Loc

14. Money Mission (Feat. Colorado Myrical) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, COLORADO MYRICAL

15. Mafia, Pt. 2 (Feat. The Jacka) [Explicit] by VONNY LOC, THE JACKA

16. Fly Nigga (Bonus Track) [Explicit] (VONNY LOC REMIX)

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