Crunchy Black on Three 6 Mafia and more

Even though he has been on the run according to TMZ, Crunchy Black of Da Mafia 6ix (Three 6 Mafia) was on the Murder Master Music Show to chop it up with Prez & Mac Jay on Friday March 27th. During the interview Crunchy spoke about his new mixtape, the new Mafia 6ix album, Juicy J, Lord Infamous and much more.

Crunchy calls into the show at 8:45 into the episode. From there he speaks on a wide variety of things including the possibility of a reunion with Juicy J.

“All of us is family! We can just hook back up and do this thing like we are suppose to do.”

Crunchy also brough his Hard Hittaz Money Gang artists along to debut some music and Memphis veteran and former label mate of Crunchy, Kaze member Scan Man called in.

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