BMF’s Bleu Davinci Release New Single “Free” Featuring Judge | Prod. By: IAMONE Beats

Well we guess BMF just won’t be stopped. Recently After rapper “50 CENT” went on His BMF TV Show Instagram Promo Spree. One of the Originals Of the BMF era and family has emerged with a new record produced by @IAMONEBEATS featuring @judgetheBOSS (AZ) Entitled “FREE”. BMF’s Own Bleu DaVinci Came back the correct way with, boom bap, Bass Driven low end and Heartfelt tones and the lines to mesh with it all in his spill on IF things involving BMF turned out different!!! The record mentions “JEEZY” The late great BabyBleu of BMF and other interesting aspects of the BMF ERA its definitely a snatch and grab. Under the microscope of social media “BLEU” seems to be QUIET but QUITE active at this time with the Release of an Italian made Shoe Valued at 1,500 usd. A BMF Motion picture is also rumored to be at play, as well as new records with Cash Money Millionaire “Birdman” and working with Doggystyle Records and Long Beach OG Snoop Dogg. Rumors of a new Alliance with BIRDMAN and Rich Gang is also starting some chatter in the streets… Watching Bleu DaVinci’s Rise to power is interesting ….

“Free” Is available on iTunes and google play for android also:


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