Blxst on Growing Up Around Crips & Bloods, Meeting Nipsey, Songs with Russ & Mozzy (Full Interview)

rising L.A. artist Blxst sat down and described his upbringing in East South Central and the Inland Empire. He said he got into music at 17 and teaching himself how to make beats and record himself on a laptop. Blxst started gaining buzz after producing Kalan.FrFr’s “Right Wit It,” which led to a musical partnership with Bino Rideaux. Blxst also talked about meeting Nipsey Hussle and recalled the atmosphere in LA after the rapper’s passing. He responded to being referred to as the new “hook guy” and welcomed the Nate Dogg comparisons. Blxst also explained why he’s not signed to a major label and how he’s been able clear popular samples and features as an independent artist.



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