BET Jams Premiere: Beeda Weeda’s “Revolution” On BET Networks Starting This Sunday at 7AM, 3PM, & 11PM

We got a hot situation, we need help by way of support promoting Beeda Weeda’s “Revolution” visual, which is being premiered on BET Jams this Sunday (today).

Beeda has had some really positive write up’s in the press and some very uplifting mentions from the industry. He is a stand out artist out of all the growing artists working hard this summer beyond a reasonable doubt. This has all been possible by him pushing a positive message, all-the-while being truly passionate about making an impact by truly investing the time and money in his music needed to grab peoples attention.

This BET Jams Premiere is big for a independent unsigned artist coming out of Oakland, CA considering Beeda Weeda is considered by many as one of the West Coasts most beloved street artists. Not many Oakland artists can say that they have had one of their album’s presented by Oakland legend Too Short. The co-signs and honorable mentions

don’t stop there, from heavyweights like E-40, B-Legit, Tajai from Hieroglyphics, to name a few, these heavyweights are also on this bus with Beeda Weeda.

Thanks to Beeda Weeda’s commitment to excellence in bettering himself and his music craft, Beeda’ Weeda’s progression can be felt from his fans from all the national attention he has been receiving online from his Too Short presented project “Bass Rock Babies”. It doesn’t hurt that other Oakland legends like Mistah F.A.B.,  or Legendary Oakland Hip Hop Writer Davey D, have all supported Beeda’s new visual by FAB either posting the video to his social media account, or Davey D himself granting Beeda Weeda an exclusive interview. Davey D is one of the Bay Area’s most respected hip hop writers, who is known to have editorials published in virtually every reputable hip hop magazine.

After Beeda Weeda got approvals from the legends he has respected growing up in Hip Hop and being reviewed by some of the biggest hip hop media companies like HipHopDX, Vibe Magazine, AllHipHop, The Source, it didn’t stop there. Shortly after his visual was released, he was A&R’d by Poe Boy president Big Chuck, who has also been working behind the scenes with Beeda Weeda to ensure this positive visual and message does not go unnoticed. Thanks to the support of the hip hop community and Beeda Weeda’s tenacity to keep pushing,a positive message, he has put the spotlight on social injustices plaguing America in just the right time.

Beeda is getting a BET Premiere Video created for instagram and Facebook for all of us to share, in addition to the two banners attached in this email. The video being made will be coming to you mid day today. We would like the BET Premiere Video to be posted today, and tomorrow (Sunday) when it drops (early as possible). Please keep an eye out for it in your inbox, coming later on in the afternoon, 1:00-2:00.


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