3x Krazy Member “Keak Da Sneak” Shot, But Is Well!

Keak Da Sneak
Keak Da Sneak

Last night our good friend IAN at All Bay Music Magazine, reported via Instagram that Bay Area legend “Keak Da Sneak” had been shot. No further details were released following the social media report, but according to the magazine, Keak is well and able.

“We wanna send our deepest prayers & wishing a speedy recovery ??? to my good friend #keakdasneak I’m sad to hear that shortly after we took this pic he was shot!! Fortunately he is doing ok and will be back like yadada!! Stop trying to kill all the dope rappers.. Please sheesh ? #getwellsoonkeak were all pushing for you to get through.. #bayarea #mob #keeprapalive”  ALL BAY MUSIC MAGAZINE

Hours after the report a2 videos were posted via Keak Da Sneaks Instagram page, showing the Bay Area Legend in crutches back stage shortly before his upcoming performance in front of a home town sell out crowd.

“You’ll never understand how valuable life is until it flash before ya eyes ?? Gods plan can never be determined by man an fa that I’m still livin an Can’t nothin on this earth stop me!” KEAK DA SNEAK


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