yukmouth or dru down what the ?

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Jan 31, 2005
when these dudes droppin solo cd's ? i cant stand the new yuk with all the g-unit disses . i was a huge yuk fan till his agenda went bad , i think he could come back up and do it real big like the old al roker


Sicc OG
Feb 8, 2006
you wasnt feelin tha all out war mixtapes?
that's what i'm sayin....
UGOA v.1&2, All out war v.1&2, Million Dollar Mxtp, & Thug Lordz mixtape(siccness) were all heaters even if Yuk goes overboard wit da beef.

But i think Yuk is gonna go back to his story tellin days(that's what he said in an interview about his new album comin out in da spring/summer)
So expect Million Dollar Mouth Piece to be a heater just like The Albulation and all his last compilations and mixtapes.