X's release just a matter of time?

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Aug 17, 2002
Judging by his Facebook posts X seems pretty confident of his eventual release. Hopefully it materializes. Can't wait to see what he can do in a real studio.

Marshall McLuhan wrote that the medium is the message. I'm curious what his music will sound like in a different environment.


My fit cost a rack
Oct 22, 2003
Yes, we're very confident. He has a parole hearing in January 2016 and there is nothing blatantly outstanding that would prevent him from being released. They can always fuck with him but it's more of the prison admin and staff that play those games. The parole board is more interested in letting people go than keeping them in. Plus, given that he was a minor tried as an adult, they are required to be more lenient.

In case you missed my other posts about the new law SB260, you can read the text of the law HERE.

This part is particularly relevant to X.
The bill would require the board, in reviewing a prisoner’s suitability for parole, to give great weight to the diminished culpability of juveniles as compared to adults, the hallmark features of youth, and any subsequent growth and increased maturity of the prisoner in accordance with relevant case law. The bill would require that, in assessing growth and maturity, psychological evaluations and risk assessment instruments, if used by the board, be administered by licensed psychologists employed by the board and take into consideration the diminished culpability of juveniles as compared to that of adults, the hallmark features of youth, and any subsequent growth and increased maturity of the individual.
Yall got life fucked up!!! Hopefully X gets out and gets to enjoy his life !!! Rap aint going nowhere ,motherfucker been in jail damn near his whole life and yall wondering which rappers gonna fuck with him? I hate to break it to all of you but it might get showed all the time but xraided one of the most respected rappers out there. He been on main lines his whole life. Disgusting..... I hope he makes hs next move his best move .. fuck rap help the kids!!!
Feb 10, 2006
X, get out, enjoy your FREEDOM! Then make music, hug your loved ones like you mean it, w/o the bitch ass co's getting in your business.

side note: since X has been making music since the 90's, is he caked up? Always wondered that...besides court fee's and lawyers and paperwork.
Jul 6, 2009
Damn all you guys with your feeling hurt lol. And someone bringing up lil Wayne even bigger lol. Lil Wayne does not work with any real street individuals. X raiders case is a little different. All you fags quit crying over my question
Apr 25, 2002
Some of you need to grow up. I was 19 and in high school when I first heard X-Raided. Friend let me hear Witta Mask on and since then I was hooked. I am now 33 and will be an X-Raided fan for life. I do not get to listen as much now as I have three little ones who, respectively, I do not want listening to the cussing and such. But I will always be a X-Raided fan and supporter. I used to promote the albums on 2siccaudio.com and now do on the continued legacy youtube 2siccaudio page. In fact, X holds down the top three most viewed songs on my page.