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Jun 14, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO
Damn that's good news! Good to hear from X-Loc directly. I've been supporting X since, well hell, it feels like forever and I'll continue to keep supporting him.

Good shit X - I can't believe anyone would fuck up a relationship with Raided...I would think of his guidance and name as an utmost honor and blessing, folks in general just don't seem to respect the ones that started it or have a thorough knowledge of the real industry
Agreed. The man has been a factor in the N. Cali scene since damn near the beginning. He paved the way for so many artists and still doesn't get his due. There's no doubt that there are a lot of snakes and seriously shady people out there. People just trying to make a quick buck using X's name. It's a damn shame.
Jan 31, 2006
werd i got on the street iz cway still drop`n they shit, so don`t trip. I heard they tried work`n out project dealz wit bloccstar an x. nolove been x main man since he touched the yard so it still mite happen.............

But x rite tho. this iz bidnez not a game. if the $$$ dont add up, wud you turn in a master?

didn`t think so.